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Halloween :) just a little fun

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I know it’s trivial but what’s the harm in a little fun every now and then?

It's Halloween :)

A simple silly Halloween scrit for fun, A simple Header tag to add script to footer to display a number of spooky bats on your site, Why? Why not it's halloween. No core code change just install as normal and turn on. Don't forget to install the js file. Enjoy,

All credit to original script Author JS Bat 2013 - v1.2 - Eric Grange - www.delphitools.info

again you can see it running on the test site www.justfastfood.com



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Bug in file spotted by @reflex-ocasion :thumbsup:  no seriously a bug in the bug script , silly error on my part. The code should be,

$oscTemplate->addBlock( '<script type=\'text/javascript\' src=\'ext/js/bug-min.js\'></script>' . "\n", $this->group);
	$oscTemplate->addBlock( '<script type=\'text/javascript\'>
			// default fruit fly bug:
			new BugController({

			// default spiders:
			new SpiderController({
		</script>' . "\n", $this->group);


Silly Halloween Bug script V1.1.zip


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