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I have upgraded my store to OsC CE and added to add-ons: Discount Codes BS and Ship In Cart BS.  I'm using Zone Rates with 5 zones to calculate shipping.  Everything seems to be working great except that 3 lbs is added to the shipping weight no matter how many products are in the cart or which of the 5 zones they are shipped to.  As you can see in the sample below, the 2 products add up to 0.88 lbs, but in the Delivery Methods, they are shown as 3.88 lbs.  I've tried several different scenarios, and 3 lbs is always added.  I've checked all of the few programs that I changed as instructed for the add-ons, but I can't find 3 lbs.  Where might I look?

Thanks, Jim


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You'll find the general shiping weight settings in:

admin => Configuration => Shipping/Packaging

See the following PDF Documentation for detailed information under:
Administration Tool (Backend) => Shipping & Packaging


Even this documentation is for an older OsCommerce relesae, you'll find many answers on your questions there, specifically the admin area is not too different to the actual version.

PS: It would be nice to get feedback when your posted questions/problems have been answered/solved

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That was perfect Rainer.  I knew the answer would be simple.  I learn so much just by using the system, but so much more by the problems I've had and the answers I receive in this forum.  This community edition is fantastic, but it has definitely been a challenge.

Thank you very much.  I just noticed the reaction icons on the messages.  I'll definitely use them and respond every time I get an answer.


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I have shipping costs setup according to all the instructions but they don't accept any weight less than 4 lbs.


0-.99 lbs=$1.00 always returns $14.50

Is there a way to fix this?

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