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Hi guys , hope you can help out. Just want to get a firm grip on Rel=Can.. as I am confused.

I have this all in one page, which my client wants, with a product group displayed on it

(group) Workstations - Cart 1 , Cart 2 = main page (keyword= workstations)
Cart 1 = product page (Rel=Canonical "main page") (keyword= cart 1)
Cart 2 = product page (Rel=Canonical "main page") (keyword= cart 2)

so the content is the same just reduced and maybe even added more, purply to focus a page on that keyword. Which has now lead me to canonical tags to say hay Big G this is the original page/main page, my worry is if someone searches for cart 1 will the main page be selected?

What I want is when searching cart 1 is for the product page to be indexed and SERPed rather than main page (workstation)

as for my main page (workstation), I wish the keyword workstation to be the focus.

Do you see where I am going with this, is canonical the right thing to do here or will I just be focusing it on my main page?

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