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I'm not sure if this is in the correct forum but I was wondering if anyone knows of or has seen a contribution that handles 'Customer Credit'? I have tried various other contributions and they don't do what I need. I basically need the customer to be able to see how much credit, if any they have available (credit return) in their account. If they use that credit to make a purchase, it deducts the remaining credit and updates the number. 


Ah, the world wide web. What a wonderful place.

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I'm not aware of an addon that does this, though there may be one. It could be written but would not be a quick change. I think you would need:

  •  An order total module to handle the discount.
  • Code in admin to allow you to enter the discount.
  • Code on the shop side to allow the customer to see the discount.

You may be able to use the Points and Rewards addon since it has all of the above. You could then assign the customer X number of points to add the discount. But that would show for all customers so you would need some option to only enable it for each customer.

You could install one of the discount coupon addons and issue a coupon code for that customer. That would get you almost there but would still require code changes.

In short, I don't think you can do this without code changes beyond a basic addon installation. Maybe someone else has a better way to do it.

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CCGV, but I don't know which version is the best to start with, but you can hack the gift voucher side to generate credit for customers, once your get the module to work. The hack is simple. The gift card feature was never useful for me, sold zero gift cards anyway...I had used it for give me your email and get $10 credit in your account as well as for return/exchange and etc...



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