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I have started a new 234.1 Edge (BS) with few addons.
Now I am trying to show the products incl/excl TAX/VAT/GST.
I had tried these addons but none working or having difficulties to modify the 22/23 version code to fit BS.

However this 22 version seems simple and works, only if the tax rate show correctly.
The tax rate I set up as 10%, it show correctly in admin/categories.php, so if i enter $10.00, and with 10% GST, it will show $11.00, but in the front-end, it is actually showing only 1% and became $10.10 instead of correct one $11.00 (Please refer to the image underneath.)

Q1 How can I make it show up the right 10% tax rate on the product_info.php
Q2 Special.php will have stoke line on the old price, that is fine, but I like to show no Excl/Incl tax on the stroke line part, how can I achieve this?


Thanks! Lyn

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reinstall the addon, and the 10% GST now showing up correctly.

However still have issue about the specials. Is there a way to show the specials price format like this:

$35.00 strikethrough
(Incl. GST)
(Excl. GST)


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