Something related to this topic, Over the last few weeks I've been having a few customers complaining about the PayPal checkout not working properly. About 2-3 per week all similar issues about not seeing the PayPal page properly on there devices. One customer sent me a image showing this odd behavior, As you can see the bottom of the page is missing preventing the customer from continuing. As you can imagine after trying a few times the customer just got frustrated and gave up! Luckily the customer rang to complain so I got to know about the problem. Most of the others were in abandoned carts and on emailing a number of them confirmed PayPal problems also. I contacted PayPal to check what was wrong. I never got a clear answer to why it could be happening, but I did get a solution which may help others. Now I use PayPal express so this may only relate to this. There was a setting in the Paypal config that I could change. Switched from Clasic to In-Context. This replaces the normal PayPal check out page with a small modal popup page which behaves better on devices. So far not had any further issues.