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Change site return address?

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Hi all,

This question is a bit out of scope of normal use of PayPal app. 

I need a way to tell PayPal where to return after payment is completed or if user cancels payment.

Does anyone know where in the code this address is specified? I will be able to go from there.



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You set this up in your paypal account settings, you can use , Auto return the buyer to your website. Instructions on the paypal website.


Auto return the buyer to your website

With Auto return for PayPal payments, buyers are not required to click a button to return to your website after they complete their payments with PayPal. Auto Return applies to all PayPal Payments Standards payment buttons, including Buy Now, Shopping Cart, Subscription, and Donate buttons.

Auto Return shortens the checkout flow and immediately brings your buyers back to your website upon payment completion. To set up Auto Return, you need to turn it on in your PayPal account profile and enter the return URL that will be used to redirect your buyers back to your site. For more information on how to enable this feature in your PayPal account, see Auto return in the Merchant setup and administration guide.


Override the return URL on individual transactions

With Auto return turned on in your account profile, you can set the value of the return HTML variable on individual transactions, which overrides the value of the return URL stored in your PayPal account profile. For example, you might want to redirect payers to a URL on your site that is specific to that person, perhaps with a session-id or other transaction-related data included in the URL.

To set the return URL for individual transactions, include the return variable in the HTML form:


<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="return" value="The-Page-On-Your-Site-To-Which-Buyer-Returns;">
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For paypal_standard, see the process_button method

For a new install or if your store isn't mobile-friendly, get the community-supported responsive osCommerce (Phoenix).

here: on the official osc download page

Working on generalising bespoke solutions for Quickbooks integration, Easify integration and pay4later (DEKO) integration at 2.3.x

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Thank you for replies.


I am using PayPal Express.

PayPal app uses GET method to call paypal.com/webscr. So forms and HTML variables will not quite work in this case.




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