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EProcessing Network ADC Module

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Hi All,

Some of you have probably been as frustrated as I was when I first tried to get my EProcessing account to integrate seamlessly with OSCommerce. The problem I was having was that when the user entered the process phase of the checkout process they were being redirected to EProcessing Network's site. Big problem!


So thanks to Bao Nguyen who wrote the Authorize.net ADC Direct Connect contribution I was able to successfully get EProcessing Networks to authorize transactions without leaving my site.


You can get the contribution here:



Or download it directly here:



Please post comments in this thread about any problems you may run into, etc. Also suggestions, and feature enhancements that anyone wishes to have I would be more than willing to consider implementing.




Peter Maag

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Forgive the noob question. I keep getting an error stating there was an issue with the card. I have the authorize.net one working but want the seamless cart integration. I have followed it as were stated in the directions and I can chose the module but just cant process payments.



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I installed the transparent mode on the server, and this is what comes up:


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class eprocessingnetwork in /home/www/"sitename"/catalog/includes/modules/payment/eprocessingnetwork.php on line 11


I have both forms of eprocessing there. Should I delete the normal one?

Any idea?

Thanx a lot!

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I know this is old, but I'm still having problems


I'm running OSC 2.2RC2, trying to use the network emulated ADC 1.1.


I'm 99% sure that all files are in the right place and the edit is correct. The issue is that eprocessing does not show up in the payment module list. Any suggestions where to look to make it work?


Thanks in advance,



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The eprocessing option doesn't even show up as an option for the customers to use when paying. Shows up in the admin > modules and allows me to install and config a few options, but like i said when it comes time to pay ther ecustomer is not given the option with this module.


Or the other eProcessingNetwork Payment Module for that matter. Neither show up as payment options at checkout.

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I am running osc 2.3.1.


I have installed the eProcessingNetwork ADC 1_1 package.


When I click on the Process Payment button in the cart I get this error message.


"The first four digits of the number entered are: . If that number is correct, we do not accept that type of credit card. If it is wrong, please try again."


It appears the data gets lost when checkout_payment_ext.php calls to validate the card number again. The card is already verified in checkout_payment.php and this works fine the data is there.


This seems like something simple but I am unable to detemrine why the vars data does move forward.


help ?





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