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Manufacturers Email question & php file versions?

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I have Ian's CRE5 loaded and want to put the Manufacturers email contribution in. But I noticed there are some small differences in the php files when I compared them. Not just the differences for the contribution.


This file adminmanufacturers.php in the contribution shows v1.52 2003/03/22.


Mine from cre5 shows v1.2 2003/01/18.

Is the contribution one actually correct? Or will I break something in my CRE5 store if I just load them.



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The Loaded file version will always differ from core osc files as they use a separate cvs. The only way to tell if the files are actually different is to use a file compare utility such as beyond compare.


However I can say that you should will OK with manafucturers.php as their is no custom code in their.

Trust me, I'm an Accountant.

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