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Member Discount v2.2 : Gives discounts on Specials???

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Just wondering if there was a way to prevent the Members Discount from adding a Discount to items marked on Sale or (Specials).


I am using Credit Class & Gift Voucher along with Members Discount 2.2 with the Admin installed. In the admin this is what I have for Member Discounts:


Members Discount


Display Total



Sort Order



Discount Percentage



Minimum Amount



Include Shipping



Include Tax



Calculate Tax



There doesn't seem to be anything in there that says that the 20% discount cannot be used on items in the "Specials".


Did I miss something? :? Is this possible to prevent?

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Unfortunatel no,


The discount module simply uses the cart total. The code would need to be changed somewhat to not discount special prices.

Trust me, I'm an Accountant.

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