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Can I change easypopulate to accet other files?

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First i like to say i think easy populate is great stuf.


Now i use 2.52 and it works exactly the way it should.


I have a database of about 9000 products wich i upload in about 6 parts, sofar no problems.


Only my dtaabase contains lots of text in one field and in this text there are tabs. (this is the way i get it delliverd from my supplier).


There you see my problem! because of the tabs in the text it messes up my fields. Now i'm wondering if anyone knows if its possible to change easypopulate to accept files wich are seperated with other then tabs.


Another way of doing this would be removeing the tabs fron my text fields. So if anyone knows how to remove the tabs form fields (in excel) that would also to the trick.


Hope someone can help me out.



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You can just use a text editor to replace the tab with ; or other.


At the time being it is hardcoded to use tab. Deborah is working on a general mod. (And i am humbly like at it to)


Maybe that would be a feature to make. That you can choose the separator.



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Hm, selectable separators for EP, that's not a bad idea.


I'm working on a mini-EP release here, if I can work this in I'll let you know.



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