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Using OSC as an in-store POS and Custom Reports

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Is there a mod/contribution or a way already built in to have an Admin or a "store" login so this software can be used for both net sales and a retail store POS?


also is there a mod for inputing the cost of an item as well as the price into the database for a profit/loss report?


i currently use quickbooks and it is looking like it will be a nightmare to keep the inventory striaght between the 2 systems even using easy populate. id like to use OSC for both but not lose some of the QB reports. any ideas are most appreciated.





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You could use the Manual Entry system, but that still requires a full customer account. However, if you didn't "care" who you were selling to, I would use a POS Customer as the default customer and enter all of your orders there. Then disable the shipping or enable the "pickup" shippping option and there you go.


Also, you could use Quickbooks to do the POS, same issue though. Still need a default customer.


As far as the dual entry goes, it is a fact of life. Until OSC has a usable QuickBooks (no offense meant) module, I am doing dual entry on the price/cost and customer information.

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