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13 hours ago, MrPhil said:

Unacceptable excuse. If you write an entire post without noticing that your CAPSLOCK is on, you deserve to be chewed out for shouting. ALL CAPS is the universal standard for SHOUTING. If your native language is one without upper and lower case letters, I can excuse writing in all caps as a matter of ignorance, but if you're reasonably fluent in English (or any other Western language), there's no excuse. Everyone should at least do a quick once-over of their post, to check spelling and grammar, or CAPSLOCK on, or any other major problem.

@MrPhil I will try my best to be more careful..To be honest I am fluent but am not a part of regular forums so that I would know such details of universal standards. I just come to oscommerce forum as I run a online shop and love it here as it helps me grow my knowledge about oscommerce. Being a part of the community for long, I have always made sure to be polite to all. I was not aware of this fact that 'Capslock' matters so much. I was just trying to help @FXBO . So I extend my apology if you find my post on clarifying the step as a shout.. I was just trying to help as I had used same method to upgrade.. Thank you!

Warm Regds./


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