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A new danger?

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On 1/25/2019 at 4:41 PM, JcMagpie said:

Try using this


As well as this,


You need to secure all form on your site to stop the buggers. They are not intrested in making an account, they are simply looking for any weekness in your site that will let them enter script into your database. So any method of input you have that saves to your db is open to abuse, even silly things like write a review! so check them all and make sure they are protected.

In adition to this find out what ip's they are using and place them on block using your IP blocker.

I installed this module. (second link). However, on my version (frozen), it did not work properly and customers could not enter the store. Password not accepted.
I contacted Demitry and he very quickly made the correction of his script. I tested it from almost all pages with data entry forms. It works great!
I want to thank Demitry for a very fast response and excellent work!
The module is functional, works fine, although a bit complicated to install. Requires modification of multiple files. Maybe it can be upgraded to install without changing the main code in the files?

Who uses (frozen) install the module with the adjustment that is added here. Thanks again to Demitry for his fast and excellent work, and for telling me what mistakes I had on the site and I fixed them!


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