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Problems with Google ads and new Edge sites.

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I have noticed that Google ads is behaving very differently on my new Edge websites compared to the old 2.2 sites.


On the old sites the Google ads placed ads all over the site as and when it felt they were appropriate. This was fine and worked well.


On the new Edge sites I am finding it very different. When viewing the site on a PC I get either blank white spaces were the ads should be or just the odd one small ad.


The same site viewed on a phone and the Google ads work perfectly appearing as before as and were google thinks they are appropriate. In fact I would say even more ads than before.


So has anyone else noticed this? Why would the PC view now be not acceptable for ads yet the mobile one is fine?

Or is this just a case that Google is now preferring/ prioritising mobile devices!

I'm using the cutting Edge v2.3.4.1 CE:thumbsup::smile:

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