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Hamburgermenu in mobile version

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This is the second post you've made where you have not indicated which version of osC you are using. This is critical for anyone to help you.

That said, if you are running any version of osC other than the Community Edition version (sometimes called osC-BS (for BootStrap), or Gold, or Edge), there will not be any Hamburger. The Hamburger is ONLY available on the responsive CE version. And no, you can not add that feature to the non-responsive version.

'Official' development on osC has stalled for several years (for reasons I won't go into here). The community stepped up and developed the CE version. While it is not an 'official' version, it is the latest, and offers responsiveness (the display adjusts to the device's screen size), is much more modular (you and enable and disable features, and even add new features, all with any core code changes), is PHP 7.x ready (older version of osC will crash when your host upgrades their version of PHP), etc).

Unless you are trying to work on an older existing store, I strongly recommend that you start over with the CE version of osC (link in my signature below).

And, as for your other question regarding a Template system, the 'official' version of osC was not designed to accept templates. The companies that offered templates hard-coded their design changes into the osC code. Some were coded well, most weren't. The CE version of osC is based on the Bootstrap framework. With this, color schemes and similar design elements can be changed through CSS, all without core code changes. Plus, there are commercial templates available for the CE version.



Get the latest Responsive osCommerce CE (community edition) here .

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