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Google Adsense campaign in OSC CE

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My Google Adsense ads are currently coded into includes/column_left.php on my still running 2.2 site.

There is no such file in the latest version of osCommerce.

Where do I put the code?  I have it set up on my old site for ads to display in the left column on product description pages only. 

That's where I'd like them in this new install of osCommerce. 

What to do? 


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You need an infobox module to do that. You can edit one of the existing ones but that is not a good idea for a number of reasons. There is this one and this one that is meant for adding a box. Though both are quite old and may not work in your shop. There is also my generic box , which is new, and will work but may be overkill. I suggest trying them in the order stated to see if one will do what you need.

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