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Support for GDPR & info tabs popup Edge v2.3.4.1 CE

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GDPR & info tabs popup Edge v2.3.4.1 CE

It should just work but if not stick it on here and I will do my best to help.

You can try it out at the test site. https://tbyb.co.uk/

V1.0 full package by JcMagpie 24-5-2018


A much simpler footer information block addon. It gives you the information links and as modal popup with tabs so all GDPR , T&C and Shipping & Returns are all shown in one popup with tabs. The contact us is still separate link. Reduces the information footer block to just 2 nav pils.


Why? Well gives a cleaner look to the footer and makes reading information much better for the customer. On large sites it can take time to find what your looking for. With stock osC if having found it you press a info link your taken away from the page you were looking at. With the Tabbed popup the page stays behind the popup and when you close the popup you carry on with what you were looking at.


Again totally standalone with no core code change. Once you have copied all the files over go into admin/Content /Modules and install “JCM GDPR Information Links Block”.


Turn it on and turn off the stock info block or another you may have uninstall it.


This version will not change the contact us link. That remains as new window.


The other stock links are not replaced. We make new ones for the popups so you can revert back anytime you like.


To add new text for each link simply edit one file.




Simply find the following and replace the stock text between each marking.


Line 74 <!-- Place your GDPR text below this-->




<!-- Place your GDPR text above this-→



Line 287 <!-- Place your T&C text below this-->



<!-- Place your T&C text above this-->



Line 60 <!-- Place your Shipping & Returns text below this-->



<!-- Place your Shipping & Returns text above this-→


A basic GDPR statement is provided as a boiler plate you can edit this to your requirements. Make sure to replace all red stuff **business name** with your own details.

Keep it plain text. That’s it. It looks like this I have kept it plain, You can add css if you want fancy colors.




On clicking a link you get window popup with tabs. As you can see the page is still open behind popup. Popup can be closed by pressing the x in top or close button at bottom.



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its an interesting module but i immediatly found a problem:

- Its great if you only have 1 language configured in your store!


I sugest you to:

@ includes/modules/boxes/templates/jcgdprtcmodal.php

to ECHO a var defined @ includes/languages/XxXxX/modules/boxes/bm_jcgdprtcmodal.php

inside the <div class="modal-body">

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I do this for my own sites which are English only. The code is free to down load and you can edit as much as you need I dont mind. If I have time I will take look at that and include it in the next up date. Better still if you have moded the code email it back and I will include in next update.:thumbsup::smile:


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