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Support for information Block links modal popup addon for Edge v2.3.4.1 CE

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I am not a developer or a coder so don't expect too much. It should just work but if not stick it one here and I will do my best to help.

You can try it out on this test site.https://tbyb.co.uk/

A simple footer info block addon it gives you the information links as modal popup. Why? Well on large sites it can take time to find what your looking for. With stock osC if having found it you press a info link your taken away from the page you were looking at. With the popups the page stays behind the popup and when you close the popup you carry on with what you were looking at.


Again totally standalone with no core code change. Once you have copied all the files over go into admin/Content /Modules and install “JCM Information Links Block”.

Turn it on and turn off the stock info block (do not uninstall original not sure why but it has to remain for the new one to work! Just turn it off. If anyone knows why this is let me know) :)


This version will not change the contact us link. That remains as new window.


The other stock links are not replaced. We make new ones for the popups so you can revert back anytime you like.


To add new text for each link simply edit one file.




Simply find the following and replace the stock text between each marking.


Line 40 <!-- Place your Shipping & Returns text below this-->



<!-- Place your Shipping & Returns text above this-→



Line 60 <!-- Place your GDPR text below this-->




<!-- Place your GDPR text above this-→




Line 298 <!-- Place your T&C text below this-->



<!-- Place your T&C text above this-->



A basic GDPR statement is provided as a boiler plate you can edit this to your requirements. Make sure to replace all red stuff **business name** with your own details.

Keep it plain text. That’s it nothing to complicated and should make the store front a little more user friendly.


I do have a version that replaces the contact us with a modal popup but as that requires setting up the email I am not going to post that in the apps. You can see the email on the test site. If anyone wants that just pm me and I will email you the file..


It looks the same so be careful you are looking at correct one when testing.




On clicking a link you get window popup. As you can see the page is still open behind popup. Popup can be closed by pressing the x in top or close button at bottom.


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V1.02 With contact us email and privacy tab by JcMagpie 24-5-2018

Info links modal popup V1.02 v2.3.4.1 CE

Updated to add email in the contact us pop. This is separate from the stock ocS contact us email. The email used is the store defined email address.

Its not over complicated has basic verification and also has privacy statement modal popup on the email popup if that makes sense. Make the statement short as you can as you don't need war and peace in it.


pressing the privicy statment button brings up the second popup



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