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Playing around with the 2.4 paypal app and come to horrible conclusions.
For now only testing with Paypal standard [PS].
Listing here of how i made it working:

in index.php replace your code with the one below.:

  if (OSCOM::hasSitePage()) {
    if (OSCOM::isRPC() === false) {
        $page_file = OSCOM::getSitePageFile();
        if (empty($page_file) || !is_file($page_file)) {
          $page_file = OSCOM::getConfig('dir_root') . 'includes/error_documents/404.php';

        if (OSCOM::useSiteTemplateWithPageFile()) {


        if (OSCOM::useSiteTemplateWithPageFile()) {

    goto main_sub3;

The server logs respond with a 404 from paypal.com POST
Paypal keeps sending IPN's, the order will be flood over with notifications

There is definitely something wrong with that part of the code.

NOTICE: This is only a workaround for paypal PS.
any other app will prob get in trouble, as these will loose their templates when they have them.

SERVER LOG BEFORE (error 404): - - [23/May/2018:13:11:52 +0000] "POST /index.php?order&ipn&paypal&ps&language=en HTTP/1.0" 404 1005 "-" "PayPal IPN ( https://www.paypal.com/ipn )"

SERVER LOG AFTER (Response 200): - - [23/May/2018:13:14:35 +0000] "POST /index.php?order&ipn&paypal&ps&language=en HTTP/1.0" 200 - "-" "PayPal IPN ( https://www.paypal.com/ipn )"

Another issue is with PDT and IPN
So far my testing results, if take out PDT key from the app's settings:
On return to website (goes to shopping_cart.php): Transaction could not be verified, please try again.
Same error if also disable PDT on Paypal's website settings.

So these 2 MUST be configured, else will fail.

This also results in 2 notifications.
1 from the direct payment notification via PDT
1 from paypal IPN, what is controlled by the app. (on the PP website settings that is turned of by default)

PP express i could not get working. (i also not deep enough try to debug)
PP Hosted i could nt get working. (i also not deep enough try to debug)
PP Direct i could not get working. (i also not deep enough try to debug)


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Posted (edited)

Tested paypal login.
All PP credentials seem not to work for the LIVE PP Login. I not receive ANY errors in the general error_log but
Paypal log tells me that i have invalid credentials (????????)

Testing with the Sandbox seem to work "Almost" perfect.

I assume now, no one can login anymore with paypal login.
As this just occurred with the TEST API (Sandbox).

Curious if someone on official/CE  could give some feedback on their experiences!


Edited by wHiTeHaT

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Posted (edited)

I forgot that for Paypal Login LIVE , you need a PayPal Pro account what is a payed subscription.

The Test failed due to above post for the "given_name" and the "family_name" missing in the pp response parameters.
Tricking it with @ruden 's solution let it fill the db credentials only.
Yet, logging in is only work when click the login with PayPal Button again.
Next to that, the data returned for the zip and state seems not compliant.

For the moment PP Login issue is closed.

Next..... PP express.

Edited by wHiTeHaT

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