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Canadian Flat Rate shipping per PostCode

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Canadian Flat Rate shipping per PostCode (Quebec - Canada)

you can set up a flat rate for each Postal code depend on first 3 digit


Shipping Cost

  • G1J XXX :5.00$
  • G1A XXX :6.00$
  • H1B XXX :7.00$


easy as 1-2-3, only one file to overwrite.


  • 1- Uninstall flat rate module
  • 2- Copy and paste (overwrite) /includes/modules/shipping/flat.php
  • 3- reinstall flat shipping with this file.


no need to modify MySql

no max entry

if postal code not set, this will use default flat rate

tested on 2.3.4 Boostrap only but im sure its any version compatible.


have a nice day.


Download it here or in App zone : https://apps.oscommerce.com/XHQYT&canadian-flat-rate-shipping-per-postcode


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