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This module allows one infobox module to be installed that can contain any number of template files. In effect, it is an infobox container. This could be accomplished by creating many individual modules but this provides a better way in certain situations.

With this module,

- Add a new section by adding just one more file, instead of the normal three files.

- Easily enable and disable the modules via the main module in admin.

- Sort the modules via the setting in the file.

- One css class controls the whole appearance of the infobox, allowing more design choices for the shop.

Currently only available for the Responsive version, though it should work in some later 2.3.4 versions.

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Hi @Jack_mcs

Gosh, I would be the only person to ask a question here! 

I've been using this contribution for quite some time and my infobox displays perfectly.

I like it so much I decided to duplicate the module and create a second infobox.

I basically renamed everything in the first module with the number 2 at the end.

The new box is working fine, but I'm puzzled as to why the duplicate module will not pick up all of the templates, like the original module does here:


You'll see two new templates for dvds also being picked up by the first module.  But, the second one...the duplicate module...will only pick up one:


Fortunately, I'm able to plug in my own code inside that generic2 template to create what I want, so the new infobox looks just fine, even with only one template at my disposal.  I'm just curious as to why it may not be picking up the other templates, like the original module does. 

If you're busy, don't worry about it.  I just can't figure out why this is happening and thought I would ask.  Thanks!

- Andrea


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Glad to hear it is helpful. I'm surprised it Is not more popular since it makes for a better display, in my opinion. :)

I haven't tried what you are doing but it is possible.  Does your new module show all of the template files in the settings and, if so, have you selected just the ones you want?

I think the best way to get it to work is to do a search and replace in each file  - the main module, its template files and the language files - and use a more unique name, like showdivs instead of generic. Be sure to keep the case the same for whatever you replace. That should result in a completely new module that should work independently of the original.

Edited by Jack_mcs

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