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Shipping table is now a real table :)

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Today I decided I got angry for the last time updating a table rate based module. Afer several tryouts to change the shipping rates just to see I had a typo in the values string  -damned colons- and having to manually calculate the net prices for each row from the gross that came from the table provided by the courier... I had enough and modified the table rate module to show a real table where you can see what you're doing. Uses some javascript to update net/gross, add or remove rows and do some basic checks.

It can be adapted to any other module that uses the same system.

Note: The net pice is caclulated based on the tax class from the module. It will apply only to the countries in the module's zone and it's not savet to database but calculated on the fly. For this column to work you need to set up the tax rate first, save and enter the module configuration again.

Here is the file: https://apps.oscommerce.com/wyYLv&sgipping-table-module-update

@burt you can replace the stock one if you consider it fits the community project.


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Good work, this is the perfect application of an addon.  The user upload and installs.

Would probably have been useful to give it a totally new name (and include language file) => no need for inclusion in Core.

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7 minutes ago, piernas said:

@LeeFoster I'm currently overwhelmed by work but can help if you have troubles adapting it!

Yeah I think I am going to have problems with it so will make do with it as it is for now.

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43 minutes ago, piernas said:

It shouldn't be too difficult - I'll take a look as sson as I have some time.

I appreciate it but don't worry if you don't have the time. 

I'm more of a cut and paste coder when it comes to oscommerce so it's beyond me.

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18 hours ago, LeeFoster said:

I also can't go to the next step on the checkout_shipping.php page.

@piernas Ignore this one, I've got this working though I still can't edit the prices or weights.

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