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Paypal Standard v5.0+ - double

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after a bit of stuffing around its all installed and working well.

but i am not sure if it is  this version or something i did ages ago on the older version that i cant recall causing the issue

in the orders view there are 2x status for the transaction (only charged once) not sure why it does this.
before the paypal update it would only show once.


Date Added    Customer Notified    Status    Comments

23/03/2018 12:19:46    False    PayPal [Transactions]    Transaction ID: XXX
Payer Status: VERIFIED
Address Status: 
Payment Status: Completed
Payment Type: instant
Pending Reason:  

23/03/2018 12:19:47    False    PayPal [Transactions]    Transaction ID: XXX
Payer Status: verified
Address Status: confirmed
Payment Status: Completed
Payment Type: instant
Pending Reason: 
Source: IPN 





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