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SEO URLs 5 - 404s Returning for Product Pages ONLY

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osCommerce: 2.3.4

PHP: 5.6.22

MySQL: 5.7.17


Hi Guys,

I’m quite new to OSCommerce and am currently helping out with somebodies store.

I’ve run into a bit of a situation with the Addon SEO URLs 5...

We were in the process of forcing https:// connection for every page. For some reason this prevented a user from being able to add products with attributes to the basket via ‘Add to Cart’ action from the Product Page.

This wasn’t great, so we reverted and removed our rules for https from the .htaccess file.

After thinking we had put everything back to normal, we started getting 404s for every product page, where it could not serve that customised URL from the server.

We set SEO URLs 5 and cache to ‘false’. This fixed the issue, but now the URLs are with the cPath and product ID. This isn’t great as Google has already indexes the SEO URLs...

I’m assuming the issue lies somewhere with the SEO URLs Addon. If anyone has any info, or could point us in the right direction to start some troubleshooting. That would be much appreciated, Thank you.



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Update: Whoops! Just noticed I have commented out `RewriteEngine On` when removing the rewrite rules to force https://

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