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osC 2.2 shows only 20 products in category list

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I'm looking in the code on what defines that only 20 first products are shown in the category list.

For example I have:

  1. Category (24)
  • Subcategory 1 (8)
  • Subcategory 2 (8)
  • Subcategory 3 (8)

If I want to open just the Category it shows only 20 products. To view the last four products I have to look at the subcategory. I found the modification "Show all products in category", but it not work as I really want (shows products in another way) and moreover, I think it's doable by simple change in some query. Could you help me where I can find this?

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Products are never shown in the category box, unless you are using some addon that changes that. If you are talking about the product count, it is not recommended to use that since it causes a slowdown. As for the count, there isn't any code to limit that since it would make it inaccurate.


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Please be aware that osC 2.2 is obsolete, and ongoing support for it will soon be discontinued. Please look into upgrading your store to the latest Edge version of osC (a link to it is in my signature below).


If you are running the "official" osC 2.3.4 or download, your installation is obsolete! Get the latest community-supported responsive "Frozen" release here

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