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Help with changing tep_check_stock function

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I am trying to make it so that I can check stock quantities on certain items only (some stock we always have available because we produce them on demand, other items we order in and on-sell to our customers)

I have added a field in the products table "products_count_stock" which defaults to "0" and can be changed to "1" in admin/categories.php - this bit I got to work fine

Now what I am trying to do is that every time a page calls the function tep_check_stock I want it not only to pass the products_id and products_quantity fields but also the products_count_stock field so that I can check within tep_check_stock if products_count_stock is true (1)

so far I have been playing around with shopping_cart.php, all I have done is change the following code;

     if (STOCK_CHECK == 'true') {
        $stock_check = tep_check_stock($products[$i]['id'], $products[$i]['count_stock'], $products[$i]['quantity']);// - added 'count_stock'
        if (tep_not_null($stock_check)) {
          $any_out_of_stock = 1;

          $products_name .= $stock_check;

obviously this does not work as  to test it I have put an echo in the tep_check_function to show the value of the three variables and the count_stock variable always comes up empty.

  function tep_check_stock($products_id, $products_count_stock, $products_quantity) {
	   echo "value:" . $products_id . "," . $products_count_stock . "," . $products_quantity ;  //- My Mod
	 if ($products_count_stock == "1"); // -- My Mod
    $stock_left = tep_get_products_stock($products_id) - $products_quantity;
    $out_of_stock = '';

    if ($stock_left < 0) {
      $out_of_stock = '<span class="markProductOutOfStock">' . STOCK_MARK_PRODUCT_OUT_OF_STOCK . '</span>';

    return $out_of_stock;
  } // - My Mod

I am not a great coder but if someone could point me in the right direction, I'd' really appreciate it

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Can get it simpler.

Use for products_quantity





if ($stock_left== 0)

and in checkout_process.php check

if ($stock_left>= 0 ) {

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