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Scrolling when using I-Phone

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I have been told that when a category which has more than 1 page  is scanned by scrolling to  the bottom of the page on  our web site, that when the next page number is selected the "customer" is taken to the bottom of the next page in the category, and not directly to the top of that page. Is that how it should work, or is there a wee change needed in the code somewhere to ensure that on selecting next number the "customer" is taken to the top of the page. (Hope this makes sense)

Look forward to any comments



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This is not standard behavior for osCommerce.  I do not know if it is standard for an iPhone, but searching doesn't suggest that it is.   

I don't know if your issue is caused by the same reason, but https://stackoverflow.com/q/23155509/6660678 has a similar problem that was caused by a form with an autofocus field. 

If you post your site URL, someone with an iPhone might be able to try to reproduce/diagnose this. 

Always backup before making changes.

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