Third installment of the 28d Project.  I missed last year for reasons, but this year it's back.  I'm running it slightly differently to previous versions, as this time there will be no option to buy each days package - that was frustratingly difficult to manage - sorry.  Instead there will be a very simple "buy now" price for everything, and that will go up in price as February goes by, therefore those who can buy less...and those who buy more. Hit the [Follow] button in the right hand corner of this page as I shall be updating this post as the days go by. Should anyone wish to pre-buy...thank you for your consideration and support.
PM me and we can arrange it.

Don't know what the 28d Project is?  I make code available during February (each year, usually).  This is code that I have created or updated and make available for an all-in price. Had a couple of questions by PM; Edge Compatible:  

Gold Compatible:  
Yes(ish), you might need to update some files to the Edge version, I will point these out in the individual "readme" for each.
Certainly nothing to be worried about!

PHP7 Compatible: 
Yes Official osCommerce Compatible:
No, sorry

Core Code Changes:  
Will be kept to an absolute minimum, you guys know I hate to change Core and I know you
guys hate Core Code Changes...but sometimes, it is, unfortunately, unavoidable.

I have 21 things coded and ready for finalised checking.
1 thing is being live tested by a shop. 
6 or 7 things more to write;  ideas would be welcomed for small to medium things

Thanks for all the PMs and Feedback so far!