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Notification questions

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I've had my fun recently getting products uploaded and getting things refined.  Making lots of progress.

The big day arrived yesterday -- I got my first order.  All this work is starting to pay off.

But with this, I've got a couple questions.  First off, is there a way of notifying me directly when an order is placed?  What I got was an e-mail from Paypal, saying there was a deposit.  Gee, that means there must be an order!  Poked around in Admin and found it, sure enough.  But I hate to depend on this; is there a more direct way of being notified?

Next question, is there a way to configure how the customer is notified?  After getting the information on the order, I changed the status from "pending" to "processing."  It stays there until I change it to "delivered."  But I don't really feel the need to notify the customer of this.  After all, I send a message to my supplier to ship the item, then I'm done.  If I close it out, the customer will get a delivered message (unless I manually go in and turn it off each time) before it's delivered -- OR, I wait several days and close it out, then the customer gets a message saying it's delivered -- and he already knows that.  Just seems like it could be streamlined.  Thoughts?


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for the first one this is pretty simple: In admin->configuration->mystore->Send Extra Order Emails To-> enter your email and you will get a copy of the order email when it is placed.

For the second one I'd guess you'd have to edit orders.php, to switch off default notifying customers on status update.

Best regards


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Customer only gets emailed if you tick the Notify Customer box.
So you can go ahead and update orders...and not send emails out.

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