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Need some help please.


Running latest bootstrap version with front page addon and category addon with custom css and all is installed fine and working. Just one small problem. Sub category display is not same as category or product! Hard to explain so pics will help. Category and product images and text display with border around them. Sub category image and text have no border. Makes site look odd!


Can anyone advise how to get sub category to display with borders like the top level catogorys.




Category show as,


Sub Category show as,


Products show as,



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open the following file


there find around line 10

      echo '  <div class="text-center">';

replace with

echo '  <div class="productHolder equal-height text-center" style="margin-bottom: 20px;">';


That will add the productHolder and equal-height classes which are usually used in the product listing to show the box frame and keep all the boxes same high.
We also add a margin-bottom of 20px to get the necessary space between the rows.

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Thanks for your help. The code worked fine, however I did not have the file you referred to. I found that the image was being called from my index.php file but simply added code and it worked. I checked and my version is Installed Version: osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4 , its the bootstrap down loaded from github, is about 2 years old so maybe its been updated since then. Its been working fine so haven't needed to update!

Anyway much thanks for your help its worked.




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