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Updated Stripe payment module

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🙄well failed at first hurdle, installed stripe to look at the api update and can do nothing with out having a developer account to get test API keys.

Stock install is API Version: 2014-05-19  and on testing gives no warnings that its out of date or due to stop working!


So looks like it's down to someone who has and account and access to the developer dashboard at stripe.


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@JcMagpie Thanks for trying! Lets hope someone out there can help!


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15 hours ago, JcMagpie said:

Maybe this is why no one is rushing to update the module?


Using that logic why does anyone use PayPal??

That said I am prepared to help if I can. I cannot give you access to my account dashboard but I could possibly give you Keys to do test transactions and, at a suitable time convenient for both of us, give you live feedback as to results. Here is the Stripe page with the coding changes, it is way above my paygrade. https://stripe.com/docs/payments/payment-methods

The current code I believe uses tokens



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😂 exactly my point, they all have terrible reviews online makes you wonder why people use them!

I've been pushing most of my customers to try and use direct online payments as most banks now offer this as free and instant payment system. You have to sell it a little but those that understand are happy to use it.

It gives your customers do not have to supply you with any personal payment details and they are in full control of payment. May not be option for all but it's a good alternative. Bonus for seller no fees and instant mayment.

As to the add-on as it's a certified one It's best left to a professional, I'm just a bit supprised that only a hadfull of people appear to be intrested in this? or are the rest just aware of the issue?


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Already have a BACS module on the site. Its the littlest used of the payment options that we offer, but great when it is used as no fees to pay. PayPal is the second most popular as that's what people recognise and Stripe is the most popular for card payments for now until the module no longer works as payments will be refused. Have removed cheques since the local branch closed and its too far to drive for one cheque.

May have found an alternative if there is no one that feels that they can update the Stripe module. I have even put the job on People per hour and got many replies but very few that could answer the follow up questions so that didnt work.


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They do have alternatives to making your own code.

If you are not a developer or otherwise don’t have the means to manually build a Stripe integration, there are third-party services that integrate with Stripe and can help with building your website and setting up your storefront without the need to know how to code.



The impact of SCA on your business can vary depending on the type of purchase, whether you charge a customer during or after checkout, and even which bank your customer uses. Stripe has designed SCA-ready payment APIs and products to help you manage this complexity and minimize the impact of SCA on your checkout conversion.

Looks a bit confusing to me as they aren't clear if it will impact or not, all depends on how banks implament it. Also I imagine it will only impact sites that take card details directly, if your using a third party so never take or store the card info I would think this may not affect you. Not sure maybe i've got it wrong? I dare say we will find out in a few months.

Also it looks like stripe are behind the Magento module not the cart. So maybe you should contact them about getting osC module updaed.

"Stripe is now working with Cryozonic Ltd. to make it easy for Magento merchants to integrate Stripe payments. Starting in May 2019, we will provide the entire suite of Cryozonic Stripe modules for free (including future upgrades). Cryozonic’s products have been republished under Stripe’s Magento Extensions License Agreement. "




Most look to be made by a third party and some are paid only,

Woocommerce Stripe ACH Gateway



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