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This module displays text on the home page and, after a settable time, the text slides away. The text is still visible to the search engines and to your customers, if they click on the link, so this allows for better SEO as well as space management.

Currently only available for the Responsive version, though it should work in some later 2.3.4 versions.

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You have to install the module in admin->modules->Content. It is for the index page so your index page has to have the code to load such modules. I don't have a Gold shop setup so I don't know if that code is present in it. It will be something like this:

<div class="row">
  <?php echo $oscTemplate->getContent('index'); ?>

If your code doesn't have that, you can try adding it. It requires some module handling code to be present in template_top but I think that should be there.

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