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Batch update orders and print invoices

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I have spend ages searching through the apps site and got absolutely nowhere. Can someone point me in the direction of an addon that will allow me to batch update order status's, send an email to the customer, and then be able to print the selected invoices or packing slips.

I have found several, but nothing that has been updated since something like 2008. I dont mind updating code if needed, if I can. Are others using anything to do this task, and if so what are they using. Any help greatly received.

I am using the BS version of osc but I dont think that will make too much difference as this is something in the admin.

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The basis as I see it (have a new page for this, removed from the usual admin/orders.php page);

It would be similar to orders.php, main differences;

add in a tickbox on each order line

at the bottom add in a dropdown for order statuses
at the bottom add in some buttons;

[batch invoices] {opens new window with invoices ready to print}
[batch packing slips] {opens new window with packing slips ready to print}
[update order status] {links to dropdown selection}

Keeps the engineering to a minimum but does what you want...
and can be extended in the future, fairly easily.

Only drawback would be this;

If you want to update a bunch of statuses AND print off invoices AND print off Slips...
It would be a click on each button.

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I currently have batchprint_noPDF with tickboxes that allows for statuschange and another update-o-matic that takes a list of order ids, status update and comment to email to every order listed.

For me it is not a problem as I print the order for orderpicking first, put them in order processing status - people just get the status update. At that time I don't know yet if there is a problem or not with the order, so I rather not add any message.

The list of order ids in the update-matic is the same list I use to generate the shipping labels (for belgian and dutch posl), so the email basically says, shipping with xyz soon, and give tracking instructions for the specific carrier.

And for DPD I have a nice csv upload that @burt provided that takes care of the emailing too

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As a FYI, i have added a field to the order table to keep track if the order has been printed or not.

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