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Starting classified ad post site

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Hi all,


I have one question regarding global ad post classified site. If I wanna start free ad post classified site (where global people can post their ad country/city wise) but I would like to know if I list USA and cities of USA to post ad , should I get permission from USA government to start classified ad post site? The classified site run from other country rather than US.

Any suggestion appreciated



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No level of government will care that you are running a classified ads site, so no permission is needed. However, there are a number of ads for illegal products or services that could get you in trouble, and you need to remove immediately, such as narcotics dealing, sex trafficking, murder for hire, and stolen or forged goods including credit card numbers. You'll need to scan your ads for keywords, either manually or automatically, and flag suspicious ads. There are already a number of online classified ads sites running in the USA, so you will have lots of competition.

I suggest moving this to E-commerce Laws section.

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