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Critical file transfer error when trying to install add-ons

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I made a new oscommerce store in the latest version ( I tried to install some add-ons with filezilla. For some reason none of the add-ons will transfer via ftp. All the files fail transferring immediately and I see in red letters "File transfer failed" or "Critical file transfer error". If I try installing add-ons to my old store, it works. Does it sound like a permissions issue? When I set up the new store I set the permissions exactly as it's recommended in the Security Directory Permissions section of my oscommmerce account. In my old store most of the file permissions were left writeable. Also, does my admin directory have to be named "admin" or can it be called something else such as "adminVR"?

any help is appreciated,


thank you

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First, be sure you are using this version. If you are using the official version, you are using an outdated, non-mobile, version.

For the file transfer problem, that is not an oscommerce problem. The files are not different in format than any other file so if your ftp program is working, you should be able to upload them. If it isn't working, the question should be asked in Filezilla's forum or maybe your host. But I would first do some testing, like trying to upload one file.

The admin name should definitely be changed. But I don't suggest using anything with the word admin in it since that makes it more easy to guess at. You should also use a mixture of letters, capital letters and numbers. For example, if you used your username, liz5384, changing it to l1Z5384 (the I is a 1) greatly increases its strength while allowing you to use a familiar name. 

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