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htaccess firewalls - are the any good

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I have been looking at adding a htaccess firewall to my site on the advice of my host. They are saying to add code to my htaccess file that will help secure my site.

Are these firewalls any good, and if so which ones are other people using.

My host is suggesting the one at (Not connected in any way to this site)

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Some of those methods are used in one or other (or maybe all) of the security addons at the addons area.  

But something like this is likely to be better than what is available at the addons area (more up to date, better support etc).

My advice would be to implement it, then perform a few test orders (as the worst that could happen is you implement it, and people cannot check out).  That is the only critical area (other than, of course, you being able to log into your admin area!)...


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Thanks for the advice Gary.

I added the code yesterday on the advice of my host, and everything seems to be working as it should. To early yet to see whether it has stopped any traffic.

Just after people opinion on them really as I know nothing about them.

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