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everybody talks about configuring servers and some advanced things.

I'd like to know, is it possible osCommerce to be installed on a personal computer (OS windows 7, for example)?

I'd like firstly to learn, experiment with and develop my online shop and after it is completely ready then to put it on a hosting server.

I've just created my store as a static html site and I'd like to recreate it as a CMS store. 

So? How to proceed? 

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If you already have commercial hosting (on the Web), I strongly recommend that you make your test install there, in a private directory (it can even be password protected until you're ready to go live with your store). There are two advantages to this: 1) the configuration is exactly the same, so you won't get any nasty surprises when you try to migrate your store from your PC server to a real server, and 2) you won't be tempted to host your store yourself (on a PC), which is an engraved invitation to hackers to mess with you.

The only time you should think about a *AMPP server on a PC/Mac is if you don't yet have commercial hosting, and want to play a bit before laying out the money, or you require a PHP version for development and testing that your hosting service doesn't yet provide. Either way, never put a live website on a self-hosted server.

If you are running the "official" osC 2.3.4 or download, your installation is obsolete! Get (stable) Frozen or (unstable) Edge. See also the naming convention and the latest community-supported responsive "Edge" release

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mrblond Yes, it is possible. There are a number of packages that make setting up a local server easier, like XAMP, WAMP, EasyPHP and so on.

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You can do it by installing XAMP on your pc and on internet , there are many software same as XAMP. 

if you do want to install XAMP and then you can install separate server software to do that :-

Apache server ( Required )

PHP server - Perl Comes with it. ( Required )

FTP server - (optional )

Mysql Server  ( Required )

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