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conditions of product

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hello forum,

osc2.3.4 BS
GoogleBase V 3.3

Our site mostly deals with refurbished , but about 10% of our products are new,

define('OPTIONS_CONDITION', 'Refurbished');             //possible entries are New, Refurbished, Used or blank, which loads from the database field named products_condition

Currently all our products are listed as condition "refurbished".

i have come up with some solutions , but they seem laborious.

Has anybody had the similar problem?  Does anybody have a suggestion?



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New Admin Page that allows you to add in "conditions" - with this new page, you can add as many as you like to have.

New Admin page that allows you to list all products and update their condition appropriately.
-> and/or hardcode the change into admin/categories.php  <--- this would be the only needed core change

New product_info content module and/or hook which display the conditon of the product being looked at.
-> and adds the relevant data to the products Microdata.



So, no core changes, or 1 core change if you want to make that change.

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