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Table Rate By Price Limited Weight and Post Code

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Hi there,

I am trying to setup my shopping cart with table rate and limited by product weight and postcode, and here is so far I can think about.


1. I setup the Table Rate charge by price,


so all orders over 49.01 will be free shipping.

2. Because I only want to offer free shipping to a small and medium size package, not the large item. I add the following code to /includes/class/shipping/ table.php




return $this->quotes;



  if (($cart->show_weight() < 50 )) {
           return $this->quotes;

This will limit the shopping cart total weight while they check out.

So, how do I change this to each item's weight instant of total cart weight?

If customer order 2 x 21 lbs item will give total weight 52 lbs, the free shipping can't apply to order.

So how can I change shopping cart total weight to heaviest items on the shopping cart's weight?



3. I also trying to limit the service only available in city area, so I will need to adding the restriction on postcode,


 if (($cart->show_weight() < 50 ) && $order->delivery['postcode'] != 'v6y 3j8')  {
           return $this->quotes;



so how can I setup multiple valuable for delivery postcode and only check if first 3 characters match?


thank you



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I'm wondering Ken if you could duplicate the table rate module, use that for weight, then check if under weight it then references the price table rate module? Just a thought.

osCommerce user since 2003! :thumbsup:

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