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Hello everyone,

I've been looking most all last night and all this morning for any module that would allow for someone to sell digital products ( download after purchase payment) and their client/customers then can download their purchase from a link that is sent to their email address registered with the account. Also, to have an expiration time limit on the time the link would be active and the link only good for one time use or similar.. 

I was going to try and make the addon myself but i cant seem to find any information on how to create an addon. I hope that there is someone other there that knows where a mod like this is located or where i could find info on creating an addon.

BTW: The digital download store that i do have is so out of date that i have tried for 2 days to upload it and get it to work on my server/hosting and it just wont work. Not without me updating the entire site. I check the date of creation on the script and it said 2004 i believe.. 

Thank you for any and all advice on this. I look forward to any and all ideas.


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That ability is built-in. You need to enable the download option in admin->Configuration and then setup an attribute for the product that needs it. The weight of that product should be set to 0.

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The whole process is automatic and the downloads are available on the customers return to the website after making payment. There is no email link sent as they are not required. Once set up the system does everything for you. The actual setting up of the downloads and the use of the system has not changed over the years so if you can find a tutorial on setting up downloads it should almost be the same to setup regardless of your oscommerce version.


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