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hi there

I have recently put login with Paypal on my site. All works but it asks for confirmation everytime I login to it.

i thought that after the initial request it would auto approve... any ideas?


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On 26.7.2017 at 11:11 AM, douglaswalker said:

Worked it out

I had all the boxes ticked under account eg timezone etc unticking those under account and in the corresponding boxes in paypal developer solved the issue.

wich ones exactly? just removed those on both sides, but it still asks for permission. maybe it takes a while after the changes have been made on paypal developer?

Account InformationHide

Account status (verified),Account type,Account creation date,Time zone,Locale,Language
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Hmmm make absolutely sure that both sides match and make sure you are in live and not sandbox (very easy to confuse the 2 in settings). Only boxes ticked for me at paypal are

basic info and

address info and further down

seamless checkout and allow customers who have not yet confirmed.


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