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Change discount coupon add on to allow 2 coupons

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Hi all, I am working on modifying a discount coupon add-on to allow two coupons for one order. The class discount_coupon looks like this:

 * discount_coupon.php
 * August 4, 2006
 * author: Kristen G. Thorson
 * ot_discount_coupon_codes version 3.0
 * Released under the GNU General Public License

  class discount_coupon {

  	var $messages, $coupon, $applied_discount, $cart_info;

  	function discount_coupon( $code, $delivery ) {
			$this->messages = array();
			$this->coupon = array();
      $this->applied_discount = array();
      $this->cart_info = array( 'valid_products' => array( 'count' => 0, 'line_items' => 0, 'total' => 0 ),
                                'total_products' => array( 'count' => 0, 'line_items' => 0, 'total' => 0 ),
                                'exclusions' => array() );
			$this->get_coupon( $code, $delivery );

I have already made some modifications to this file to bypass the exclusions if necessary. Does anyone have any ideas on a method to allow multiple codes? Thanks 

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