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Optimization: Slow with too many DEFINE

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I have been debugging for performance my Oscommerce 2.2 and found out that many DEFINE from the configuration table have been impacting my Website performance, especially after I migrated my website into a different serve.

In a file (cache_configuration_cache.php which load the configuration values), there are more than 550 define (added from module and store)... and that take a huge amount of time.

So in order to test my theory, I just tested the script with only the 550 define and I definitely conclude that by having too many DEFINE variables, that impact the loading time of the script.

And this is related to PHP it seems. I tested also on my local server.

And strange too, if those 550 defines are loaded not on top of the script, the script takes even longer to load.

So with a new install, you won't see the problem because you haven't yet added modules.

So I am looking for ways to optimize...

1°) I am thinking first just to remove unused configuration VARIABLES.

2°) Or maybe the best way would be to only loaded needed VARIABLES.

Let me know what you think about it.

Tested with php 5.1 and 5.3.

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There is the configuration cache addon for that situation. You should also look through this thread. I'm assuming you realize that optimizing a shop from 10 years ago, or so, is not the best choice but if you make those changes you will see an improvement.

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