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PayPal Express how to have checkout_confirmation.php displayed too?

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Hello Community,

Installed PayPal Express on 2.2, and wondering that  checkout_confirmation.php ist skipped after checkout_payment.php when it goes directly to PayPal.

I'would need to have displayed checkout_confirmation.php before going to PayPal for regulatory issues in Germany.

So is there a way to have this done for example change a parameter somewhere in a file?

Or do I simply have to change to Standard edition for this?





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i have not testet this on 2.2, but i am testing around with The PayPal App (containing PayPal Express Checkout) on 2.3.4BS and it does redirect to the checkout_confirmation.php at the end. So you might check if you are using the standalone old version or the recent PayPal App. i 'm not sure if this PayPal App is tricky to install on 2.2 but the documentation contains legacy chapters for older Oscommerce versions.






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