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Edits to authorize.net module don't "stick"

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Fair warning: I know almost nothing about websites. Consider me 100% ignorant.


I have created a new Authorize.net Login Username and Transaction Key to be used for our credit card processing through our bank. I am having trouble with the shopping cart, which is not allowing me to save edits made to the payment modules.


What I have done:


Go to osCommerce website, where the shopping cart is hosted. Go to Administration > Modules > Payment. Select Authorize.net module. Click “Edit”. Enter new Authorize.net code and new transaction key provided by Authorize.net. Click “Update”.


But after clicking “Update,” I am taken back to the modules and the new numbers do not show, the old numbers show.


How do I get the new transaction key to “stick”? Shouldn't it be showing me the new key after I click "Update"?

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I seem to recall a problem like this with older versions of oscommerce. What version is your shop? What about any of the other modules - can they be edited?

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