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Using osC 2.34 Bootstrap Gold's bootstrap for other pages

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As per the title I'm running osC 2.34 BS Gold.


There's more to our site than a store, so osC is installed in a subdirectory like /store/


I would like to change the rest of our website, currently all static HTML pages, to use the same bootstrap installation used by osC. The idea is to facilitate synchronizing the look and to provide a consistent user experience in and out of the store section. All I really want to replicate on my static pages is the adaptative grid system, some of the header, and the CSS...


What's the best way of doing this? btw I'm a store owner, not a coder, but I've been pretending to be a coder ever since I installed osCommerce 10 years ago ;)



I've considered:


- Deconstructing the header part of my osC pages and shoving that in my static pages, changing the references towards the store subdirectory.

- Moving the entire store to the root and adding a bunch of info pages, but that's my last option.


Do I really need to switch the static pages to php to use the same header as within my osC store?


Thanks for ay and all help :D


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To be clear, I don't need any osC specific widgets in my static pages, no shopping cart, no store navigation, etc


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Well it didn't take long looking into my first option to tell that Bootstrap is made to be easy to use, and that I can just call the bits I need from anywhere.


So it looks much easier than I thought.


Anyone having a similar question should look into a Bootstrap tutorial.

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Search the internet. There are lots of bootstrapped templates out there which you may be able to make look like your store in colours and header images.

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Today, a very fashionable trend is static information pages. Landing pages. This has several advantages.
I am sure that the creation of a special module OsCommerce-Landing (statics or dinamic) pages, but tightly connected with the store, will give our software a huge advantage and prospects for a second birth OsCommerce.
There are a lot of static templates, but they are all done in HTML format. This is poorly consistent with our OsCommerce, there is no easy editing, no multilanguage support. This need to be corrected and add such opportunities to OsCommerce.
Is it necessary to make such pages in the format of php and compatible with OsCommerce? Easy editing in the administration panel and the ability to host several such pages on the site. Harmonized design. Additionally, such pages may include all information content:
  • Information pages
  • Articles (Blogs)
  • Support Pages
  • FAQ
  • Promotional materials
  • News

and other informational pages.


What do you think of such an addition?

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