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Converting Points and Rewards system for osC BS

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Hi Omar,

Yes, this is something which appeared with a recent change in

I would use the second version Matt posted above:

      if ($this->enabled && isset($_SESSION['cart'])) {
        $this->enabled = false;
        $cart_show_total = $cart->show_total();
        if ( tep_not_null($max_points = check_points_redemtion ($cart_show_total)) ) {

New package with the fix:

Points and Rewards Phoenix 3.1.0_beta.zip

Edited by raiwa

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Uploaded version Version: 3.1.0

Points and Rewards Phoenix

OSCOM Phoenix CE
PHP 7.0-7.3
OSCOM Phoenix CE -, please use Points and Rewards Phoenix 3.0.2.
2.3.4.(1.) FROZEN, please use Points and Rewards BS v2.0.2.
2.3.4.(1.) EDGE versions and GOLD, please use Points and Rewards BS v1.2

Version 3.1.0.

 - Updated for Phoenix
 - No more core file modifications
 - Deprecated Header Tag Module and moved all configuration entries into Order Total Module
 - Merged all Shop Hooks into one SiteWide hook
 - Replaced checkout payment content module with form hook
 - Bootstrapped Admin pages
 - removed alternative info footer and box module and provided modified language files instead
 - moved the reviews point info message module to product info page
 - updated all modules to abstract_executable_module
 - updated coding to match Phoenix standards
 - added product info pi system modules
 - Integrated PayPal Standard IPN support into siteWide hook


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Hi Rainer, @raiwa

Thank you for this addon, i just installed on Phoenix 1075 version. On the admin/customers_points.php

I can see  Exchange Rates :    Awards : $1.00 = 1 point   Redeem : 1 point = $0.10

if I want to change awards: $10.00 = 1 point, or redeem: 1 point = $0.01, how can I do it?

Thanks!  Lyn



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Hi Lyn @ce7,

All configuration settings are in the Order Total Module.

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