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New 2.3.4 - missing top menu, can't sign in

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OK, I'm installing a new 2.3.4 Responsive, never done it before. I connected up my database, I can get into admin, all good. All my products show, everything works - except....


I'm not sure what 2.3.4 looks like, but it seems there's no upper menus. The left and right sides are butted up against the top. And that may be related to the other issues. No top things like My Account or Cart Contents or Checkout.


At the home page, all it says is "Welcome to [store name]" - nothing appears below, like New Products or Featured, or anything.


If I put stuff into the cart, and then click Checkout, I get a new page, titled Please Sign In - bu there's nothing to sign into. No text boxes or anything.


Any thoughts?


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There's a lot that is set up and controlled from the Modules menu in Admin.  You'll need to spend some time getting familiar with it especially "header tags" and "content".

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