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Who in the EU has heard of GDPR and will it affect you

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On 11/14/2018 at 1:08 AM, MrPhil said:

I watched it online after you mentioned it. Nothing really new to us, but a look at the young lawyer who drove this thing through, with a discussion of "whose data is it?".

Not GDPR-related, but covering a lot of issues in ecommerce, was a segment yesterday on "Marketplace" (marketplace.org for 2018-11-12) starting at 08:36 and running 4 minutes.

  • 70% of shopping carts are abandoned
  • being hit with unexpected fees late in the process is a big killer
  • need to create an account turns off many shoppers (want guest checkout)
  • many shoppers are so lazy that they can't be bothered to fish out a credit card, and would like to use something like ApplePay, available with one click
  • shoppers want simplified information gathering -- three fields for the phone number is so much work, compared to a single phone field
  • stores need to encourage impulse buying, or most shoppers won't be excited enough to complete the purchase
  • if anticipated delivery time exceeds 48 hours, many shoppers will say "forget it"
  • many online shoppers are not serious about making a purchase, but are in it for the experience
  • suggests a need to discourage coupon use (?? that would seem to discourage buying even further)
  • Amazon Prime effect: need to divert marketing budget from coupons to lower cost/free shipping to attract customers

End Times, anyone?

This is so to the point, very well and simple explained. Gdpr is a hassle..

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